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Study MBBS in Bulgaria | Indian Student Admission, Fee Structure

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MBBS in Bulgaria: Bulgaria or the Republic of Bulgaria is basically the Southeast European country which shares its borders with the Romania, Greece, Turkey and to Macedonia. MBBS in Bulgaria is a very trending subject on the internet for the Indian and other aspirants and in this article, we are basically going to cover the same topic for our fellow Indians. Sofia is the official capital and the largest city of the country and the Bulgarian is the official language of the Nation. 

Bulgaria is the 16th largest country of Europe in the context of its land area and has the significantly grown economy of the continent. The major part of the country belongs to upper-middle-class income families and the industries of the private sector are the core pillars of the economic growth of Bulgaria.

The country has a fully developed educational sector as well where you can find the top class educational Universities and the Institutions to avail the modern academics and the professional programs. 

Study MBBS in Bulgaria

Well, MBBS from Bulgaria is not a very popular destination in the Indian context, but in the present scenario Bulgaria is surely coming up as the best available destinations of Europe for the Indian medical aspirants. Bulgaria is a beautiful Nation which always remains ahead in the aspects of safe, advanced, economical nation of Europe. 

It is home to several of the globally recognised medical Universities of Europe and there are significant numbers of the MCI recognised medical Universities/Institutions in Bulgaria from where Indian students can undertake their MBBS program. 

We urge the Indian aspirants to go with the entire article in order to have all the relevant information about the MBBS program from Bulgaria.

MBBS From Bulgaria:

1) Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students in Bulgaria

There might be the wide numbers of the MBBS Indian aspirants, who want to study medicine in Bulgaria and we would like to urge all those aspirants to check out the admission eligibility criteria of the Bulgarian’s medical institutions/Universities. 

Here the Indian medical aspirants can check out the complete admission eligibility criteria for their reference.

  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years at the time of admission application.
    Indian candidate must have qualified minimum of 10+2 exam from the recognised board of education from the Indian nation.
  • The compulsory stream of 10+2 education for the Indian aspirants should be PCB and there must be a minimum of 50% passing marks aggregate.
  • There is no IELTS/TOEFL qualification required for the Indian candidates.
  • NEET is mandatory for all the Indian aspirants.

2) How To Apply For Medical Courses in Bulgaria

If you have a clear understanding of the admission eligibility criteria of the Bulgarian medical Universities, then next you should understand the process of admission to study medical course in Bulgaria.

 You can check out the step by step admission process here below in this section.

  • At a very first step, the Indian candidates need to be clear about the University/Institution where they want to seek their admission.
  • Once you are clear with the first step then visit the official website of the University and check out the admission eligibility criteria and the window of making the admission application.
  • Now you just need to make your admission application on the prescribed timing which may vary in accordance to the entry period of the University.
  • Kindly make sure that you attach all the required documents with your admission application to avoid the rejection of the form.
  • Now just be patient until you are informed by the University regarding your admission application. 
  • If your admission application form is approved by the concerned University/College then you can go ahead to complete the other admission formalities. 
  • At last, you just need to make your student Visa application which will be issued to you by the University.
  • Now you can just fly to Bulgaria to attend your regular academic classes there. 

3) Documents Requirements For Admission in Medical Schools in Bulgaria

There are some certain documents which the candidates will need in the course of their medical degree from Bulgaria. Make sure that you keep all the documents readily available with you to avoid the last time chaotic situation. 

Here you can check out the list of all the documents below. 

  • All the secondary level qualification educational documents of the candidates.
  • A proper passport of the candidate.
  • Admission application form which is dully filled.
  • Medical fitness certificate of the candidate.
  • Transfer and the character certificates.
  • Passport size photos
  • Other required documents.

4) Course Duration For Studying MBBS in Bulgaria

Medical Colleges/Universities in Bulgaria offer the MBBS program of the typical duration of 6 years, which includes a one-year mandatory internship program for all the students which is conducted in the medical hospitals of the country. 

In the internship program, students can check out their knowledge of medicine and the surgery skills in the real medical world on the dead bodies of the patients.

5) Cost of Studying/ MBBS Fee Structure in Bulgaria

MBBS in Bulgaria fee structure is an important aspect of the medical program for all the Indian students, who are looking forward to studying in Bulgaria.

 You can check out the complete MBBS fee structure of the various Bulgarian medical Universities/Institutions. 

Name of Bulgaria University Fee Structure of University
Medical University of Sofia 8500 Euros Per Year
Medical University of Varna 8500 Euros Per Year
Plovdiv Medical University 8500 Euros Per Year
Pleven Medical University 7750 Euros Per Year

The above-mentioned fee structure includes the tuition fee and hostel fee as well of the Universities.

6) Bulgaria Best Medical Colleges/ Universities for MS/MBBS

Well, if you are having no idea about the best medical colleges/Universities of Bulgaria, from where you can avail the decent standard of medical education then you are at the correct section of the article. 

Here below in this section, you can check out the full list of best medical colleges/Universities of the country.

  • Varna Medical University
  • Pleven Medical University
  • Plovdiv Medical University
  • Trakia University Stara Zagora
  • Sofia Medical University

Advantage of Studying MBBS Course in Bulgaria for Indian Students

If you are having concern as to what are those certain advantages or the benefits which you will get in the course of studying MBBS in Bulgaria then we are going to direct you through those advances. 

You can check out all the advantages here below for your consideration.

  • First of all, there is no entrance examination for Indian students to study MBBS in Bulgaria. In fact, there is not even the language proficiency exam either.
  • Indian students can seek the donation free admission in Bulgarian medical institutions.
  • The cost of living and the other charges are quite affordable to the Indian students. 
  • The climate of Bulgaria is almost like India where students can witness all 4 climate seasons.
  • Bulgaria is a small peaceful country which is best for the studies environment.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in Bulgaria

Here are some very limited disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bulgaria which should be kept into the consideration of all the Indian students. 

  • Bulgaria is a small country where the Indian students get only limited options of the medical Universities/Institutions to study.
  • Bulgarian is the local language of the country which is necessary to learn in order to have the appropriate communication with the local people of the country.
  • The internship program and the medical infrastructure of the country is not as per in the comparison of other European countries such as Russia etc.
  • Scholarship for Indian students in Bulgaria is too less.

Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from Bulgaria

Although Bulgaria is not a very famous destination for the Indian candidates in the context of the medical education yet the country is having some globally recognised medical Universities which offer the global recognition of the MBBS program to the students. 

In India the Bulgarian medical degree is fully valid and is approved by the Medical Council of India as well, therefore, the Indian candidates will get the full scope of their MBBS education from Bulgaria. 

Indian students may either start their medical practice in the country or work as the medical professional,however, the MCI screening test is mandatory to be qualified.

MCI Approved Medical Universities/Colleges/Schools in Bulgaria

  • Higher Medical Institute- Pleven
  • Medical University, Plovdiv
  • Thracian University
  • Medical University, Sofia

WHO Approved Medical Universities/Colleges/Schools in Bulgaria

  • Plovdiv Medical University
  • Pleven Medical University
  • Sofia Medical University
  • Varna Medical University
  • Trakia University
  • Sofia University

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check out some sorted frequently asked questions here regarding the MBBS in Bulgaria and get the answers of some commonly asked questions.

1. What is the total cost of studying MBBS in Bulgaria?

The average fee of studying MBBS in Bulgaria is approx 7500 Euros per year which excludes the cost of living and the other charges as well.

2. How to Take MBBS Admission in Bulgaria for Indian Students?

We have already compiled the full Bulgarian medical admission process in the above section of the article and you can check it there very easily.

3. Can We Apply for the Work Permit after the Completion of MBBS in Bulgaria?  

You can get your medical degree as soon as you finish your medical degree from the country and get your work permit as well.

4. What is the List of MCI Approved Medical College in Bulgaria?

You can check out the list of MCI approved medical colleges in Bulgaria here.

  • Medical University of Sofia
  • Medical University of Varna
  • Pleven Medical University 
  • Plovdiv Medical University 

5. What Will be the Average Monthly Expenses in Bulgaria Except MBBS Fee?

The average cost of living in Bulgaria is 250 Euros per month which may vary in accordance with the lifestyle of the candidate.

6. Is the Bulgarian Medical Degree is Acceptable in India?

Yes, as long as you undertake your medical degree from the MCI approved medical colleges of Bulgaria.

5. Is the Bulgarian Language Necessary to Learn for MBBS in Bulgaria?

No, it’s just an optional language which you can consider learning to have better communication skills with the locals.

6. Is Entrance Exam Required to Study Medicine in Bulgaria?

No, there is no entrance exam conducted in the medical Universities of Bulgaria.

7. When Does the Academic Year Start of Bulgarian Medical Universities?

Well, it depends upon the concerned medical university of the year. However, in general, the academic year starts from October onwards.

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