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Study MBBS in China

Today, many student aspirants look for destinations abroad to pursue their higher education in medicine. This is true, particularly with respect to obtaining a medical degree from a foreign University. Here, China is considered as one of the primary choice of destinations for such students. This is owing to the obvious reason that studying MBBS in China offers them a positive outlook. Another point to be observed is that the medical degree offered by the Chinese medical universities are approved by the Medical Council of India. 

The total cost of medical education in China consists of tuition fees in some of the best universities amounting to US$30,000 for five years.

MBBS in China- Overview

Many of the medical universities located in China are found economical for a student to study MBBS as they offer scholarships. In general, the cost of studying MBBS in China is considered to be low even without a scholarship. 

In India, it is understood that every medical aspirant experiences a variety of difficulty to gain admission to MBBS in Indian Medical Colleges. But, with other countries, and especially in China, this is not the case as there are easier options available for him/her to gain admission to MBBS. 

MBBS From China:

1) Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

The eligibility requirements needed for Indian students to enrol for an MBBS course in a Chinese medical college/University is straightforward and simple. There is no requirement of passing an entrance test in China for admission to MBBS course in China.

However, the minimum aggregate marks that are needed to qualify for filing application varies with few universities. However, in general, the eligibility criteria for admission include:

  1. Students should have passed the high school education based on 10+2 pattern.
  2. They should have secured a minimum aggregate of 50/60% marks score in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  3. According to the international quota, the student should hold non-Chinese nationality and adhere to all the rules and regulations of the country. 
  4. A minimum age 17 years and a maximum of 26 years is allowed for the student to apply for an MBBS course in China.
  5. He/she should be qualified in the NEET examination.

Before sending the application for admission, the student should enclose all the certificates to validate the qualification. The documents should include school leaving certificates and mark sheets. 

For studying MBBS in China, the requirement of marks is average. In order to get admission, the student need not score a high percentage in the school examination.

However, students should note that there are a few reputed universities located in China wherein he/she needs about 75% marks scored in the higher secondary examination for getting admission. In such cases, the names of the applicants are shortlisted, based on the marks and early receipt of application. 

2) How to Apply For Medical Courses

Whenever a student aspires to take admission in the Chinese MBBS Colleges/Universities, his/her primary aim is to go about it without any hassles. Hence, a step by step guide in this regard is given below. This guide offered by CMEI will take the student from start to finish without any difficulty. The guidelines are as follows:

1. It is essential for the student to download the prescribed application form found in the downloads page. The student can fill this form and send it to Before sending the form, the student should fill up all the details reflected in the application form. Everywhere in the form, the use of capital letters to fill details is preferred as it enables him/her to apply for medical colleges in China. Using the given email, the student can contact the concerned authorities to get clarifications, if any.   

  1. Further, the student can collect all the documents needed to apply for the medical university in China. The documents include: 
  • Completely filled downloaded application form 
  • One passport size photograph 
  • Certificate of School Leaving 
  • Qualified marksheet of NEET examination 
  • Marksheet of 11th and 12th standard obtained from the respective board or council of education 
  • Certificate of 11th and 12th standard obtained from the respective board or council of education 
  • Scanned copies of the student’s valid passport, which includes the photo page 
  • Through a local hospital, a student should obtain a Medical examination form duly filled and stamped by the competent authority
  • Bank statement of parent or guardian indicating the fee structure of the first year MBBS degree in China
  • Certificate of no criminal record about the candidate obtained from the local police station
  • All the above documents should be attested and notarized by a notary public

In addition to the above, certificates of extra-curricular activities like drama, volunteer ship, sports and study certificates should be kept in readiness.

  1. In this, the student should submit all the documents. Now, the concerned Admission Committee will assess carefully about the International students to be considered for a specific University for which he/she is seeking admission.
  2. In order to get the confirmation that the student has obtained a seat in the best medical school in China, it is essential for the prospective student to pay the application, admission, administrative and processing fees. This depends on the University and can be a variable one. The student should note that he/she has to pay the application and the processing fee in advance.
  3. The student can send the processing fees to China or pay it in India, but payment has to be done quickly. If the student wishes to send the payment in India to CMEI, he/she can do so by making the payment to the bank account in India as specified in the form. On the other hand, if the student plans to make the payment in China, the student should choose the option of Western Union. This process of payment might take more time.  Students should note that a few of the best medical colleges located in China will complete the processing of Indian students starting from the end of July to August.
  4. When once the payment is made by the student, all the formalities will be completed and the student will receive the Letter of Admission to study clinical medicine in China, in English. This letter will be issued in the name of the student from the University within 7 business days.  Further, the student’s documents are sent to the Ministry of Education in China for releasing JW202 form that is needed by the Chinese Embassy in India to release the study visa required by the student. He/she will get this visa document through an express mail or by FedEx. 
  5. After the receipt of documents like Admission letter, JW202 Form/visa form, the student can apply for a student visa to the nearest Chinese Embassy/Consulate of China, in India. Documents required for applying for a visa include:
  • Valid Passport
  • As mentioned in the visa form, recent passport size photographs
  • Application form for obtaining visa
  • JW202 form. Original copy to be produced in China
  • Admission Letter from the University of China
  • Record of Physical Examination /Health Check-up Form
  1. After receiving the visa, the student should inform CMEI for an arrangement of Air ticket. The departure date will be notified. Several MBBS aspirants from the same university usually travel in the same flight to China.
  2. After arriving in China, the representative from CMEI will guide the student from the airport to the hostel of the Medical University. The following day, the representative will assist the student in paying administrative and admission fee.
  3. The CMEI representative will guide the students until the complete process is over. They will be enrolled in one of the top 25 medical colleges in China. Besides this, the representative will also assist in purchasing a local sim card, opening bank account, and showing places to buy necessary items. The students are informed about the rules and regulations of the University.
  4. Nearly a month will be taken from the time he/she receives the admission letter until the issue of medical student visa.

3) Documents Required For Applying in Medical Schools

Important documents needed for studying MBBS in China are: one passport size photograph, School Leaving Certificate, mark sheet of NEET examination,  Marksheet of 11th and 12th standard, Certificate of 11th and 12th standard, scanned copies of the student’s valid passport including the photo page, Medical examination form duly filled and stamped by the competent authority, Bank statement of parent or guardian, Certificate of no criminal record about the candidate obtained from the local police station.

4) Course Duration For Studying Medicine

The six years of MBBS course duration in China has been divided into two sections. It consists of classroom education and one year of internship training.

Further, the Chinese medical degree of some of the top Medical Colleges/Universities is certainly recognized and acceptable in India, US and Canada. But students have to pass a screening test from MCI prior to practising the profession in India.

Students should note that the academic year of full-time Chinese Medical Universities consists of two semesters. They are Spring and Fall semesters. The Spring semester starts from February or Early March and ends in Mid-July. The fall semester starts from mid-September and ends in January or early February.  

5) Cost of Studying/ MBBS Fees Structure

The fee required for studying MBBs in China starts at Rs. 2.0 lakh per year. However, the minimum expenses for completing this MBBS course adds up Rs. 17.5 lakhs.

The monthly average expenses in China, except MBBS fee, is that the student has to spend approximately 4500 RMB to 5500 RMB per month, every year. However, in the first three months of the beginning of the course, he/she should be prepared to spend more than 6000 RMB to fulfil all the expenses and requirements. Here, RMB or Chinese Yuan of China is equal to 10.12 Indian rupees.

6) Best Medical Colleges/ Universities 

There are quite a number of top Medical Colleges/Universities in China. These are approved by the Medical Council of India . They include:

  • Fujian Medical University
  • Sichuan University
  • Wuhan University
  • Jinan University
  • Jilin University
  • Jiangsu University
  • Capital Medical University
  • Fudan University

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in China for Indian Students

There are a few advantages in studying medical course in China. The Indian students can get entry with minimum qualification marks. They need not take any entrance test. The course fee is quite low and affordable. There are many MCI approved medical universities, which can be chosen from. Processing of admission is simple and systematic. The MBBS course from China is globally accepted. The medium of instruction is English, hence, easy for Indian students. After completing the course, students have passed the MCI screening test, can practice in India without any difficulties. The medical colleges in China have international exchange and cooperation program. It is associated with scientific research institutions and medical schools in France, Japan, Germany, Australia, the US and the UK. The medical colleges have spacious classrooms with good library and well-equipped labs. Hostel facilities are secured with a comfortable environment. The one-year internship of medical students in China is considered to be valid in India also. They need not repeat this training in India again. On the other hand, Indian students can undergo one-year internship training only in India, not in China if desired. 

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in China

Some of the disadvantages that a student can experience while studying MBBS course in China are that he/she will have to learn an additional subject wherein the student will be taught the Chinese language. Students are not permitted to touch the patients, but they are allowed to only to observe during the internship training program. Students will need to have good knowledge of quality English, and fluency in the language is compulsory.  During the internship, the trainees will be given to work on dummies and make him/her to practice on dead bodies. Students from India need to choose only MCI approved University or otherwise selecting a wrong institution can create issues. Hence, the student from India should make the correct choice. 

Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from China

In the whole world, students should know that China has the fastest-growing economy. Hence, graduating with an MBBS degree from China will have employment opportunities in China itself. Indian students can pursue a career in the medical field in China as they will find additional career options available in China. An aspirant can apply for a work permit after completion of his/her MBBS study in China. In this regard, the student possessing an MBBS degree of international standards in China can work as a professional surgeon in the Chinese hospital, where he/she has completed the internship training program. Besides, can establish his/her own clinic. Further, the Chinese based Universities offers the option of placements to successful doctors in various and reputed medical institutions and hospitals. Further, they have the option of pursuing higher studies along with the job in China and can gain more experience.

However, candidates passing out of MCA recognized medical universities can practice after successfully passing out screening test and get into a job in India. 


In India, it has been found that on an average 3% to 5% of students only gain admission after qualifying in the common medical entrance exams. They can enrol in the government medical colleges. However, the remaining percentage of students seek admission in privately owned medical colleges where the fees charged will be exorbitantly high. Obviously, those who can afford to pay such a high fee can only join in India. But all cannot do this.

Therefore, such a situation has made the students from India opt for studying MBBS in other countries like in China.


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