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MBBS From Georgia: Medical universities in Georgia provide plenty of advantages to students who prefer to study MBBS. For studying medicine, students can easily adapt to a specially designed curriculum. This is one of the obvious reasons as to why students look for studying medicine in Georgia. It may be observed that for any Indian student, who has scored an average of 50% marks in science subjects, he/she can get high quality of education in MBBS with affordable tuition fees and living cost in Georgia. Generally, the tuition fees payable for an MBBS program is variable per annum and ranges from US$4000 to US$5500. This also depends on factors like ranking of the university, facilities, location, courses and the type of infrastructure available. Besides, the student has to bear a living cost that ranges from US$200 to US$350 in Georgia. This cost covers expenses on food and accommodation. 

For aspiring students who plan to study MBBS outside, they should know that in Georgia, they can find that the system of education followed in Georgia is of a high standard and competitive as well. In this scenario, the students will be able to look for an excellent opportunity to pursue MBBS in Georgia. The medical studies consist of the toughest course curriculum, but the students are able to complete their courses. With this situation, they are able to establish high standards of the profession in the Indian health sector. Similarly, they can practice their medical profession even in other nations without any difficulty. It is possible for aspiring students with an economically poor background to dream of taking MBBS education in Georgian Medical Universities.  This is owing to several reasons like, worry-free admission process, good food, economical stay, low course fee and the unmatched MBBS study support that are available in the medical universities.

Study MBBS From Georgia

1) Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students in Georgia

Students willing to be selected for MBBS course in Georgia need to fulfil certain eligibility criteria. They include:

  • For the provided admission year, the student should have attained the age of 17 years on or before 31st December
  • The aspiring student should have successfully completed 10+2 examination with science subjects from a recognized board of the country like ICSE or CBSE
  • The main subjects of study should be Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the 12th class including supplementary subject as English
  • The student should have passed the 12th class with a minimum score of 50% of marks obtained in the science subjects 
  • Based on the new rules prescribed by the judiciary of India, the student should have qualified in the NEET examination with minimum percentile marks scored in the exam 
  • It may be noted that not all the universities located in Georgia need proficiency in English. But some universities look for students who are expected to have passed in TOEFL or IELTS or PTE examination. The student aspirant must have acceptable result prior to the admission
  • The Georgian language is not essential for Indian students as the entire course is imparted in English. However, if they wish to learn the local language they may do so. This will help them to navigate their day to day activities and patients in a better way
  • There is no entrance test or any sort of admission test prescribed for entry into Georgia medical colleges  

2) How To Apply For Medical Courses in Georgia

For Indian students who are aspiring to get admission to MBBS degree in Georgia, the following guidelines can be used. They involve several steps and they include:

  1. The candidate who is interested in the admission to the MBBS degree course to the Georgian universities should first select the name of the university in which he/she prefers to study. The student should check the fees requirements, its affordability and fulfilling of admission criteria. 
  2. After doing all this exercise, he/she can access the online application form from that particular university and fill it up with all the details as asked in the form. This completely filled form along with all the scanned copies of education, NEET test score, and passport copy should be enclosed with the completed form. The entire documents are submitted to the admission consultant for onward transmission to the university.
  3. The university, after receiving the student’s application along with all the documents, will review it and may accept the form. Based on its acceptance, the university will send an invitation letter to the student through the admission consultant.
  4. Now the candidate has to pay the tuitions and other fees requirements. After a span of thirty days, the candidate will be issued an accreditation letter from the Ministry of Education and Science, Georgia. 
  5. In the next step, the student will have to apply for a visa using the above accreditation letter to the visa office located in Delhi. When once the visa is approved and stamped within a span of 30 days, the candidate will make arrangements to fly to Georgia.
  6. Now in this step, the student aspirant will fly to Georgia and join for the MBBS course with the university, which he/she has selected. This is done by completing all the admission formalities with the admission’s office of the university.  While joining the course, it is essential for the student to submit all the documents attested and notarized to the admission’s office.        

3) Documents Requirement For Admission in Medical Schools in Georgia

The following notarized documents are required for MBBS study program in Georgia. They include:

  • Student passport
  • Student 10th and 12th mark sheets
  • Birth Certificate of the student
  • University accreditation letter
  • Latest passport photographs of five numbers
  • Visa letter 
  • Invitation letter from the university
  • Receipt of tuition fee paid 
  • Accommodation or hostel admission letter
  • Air ticket
  • Travel and health insurance letter

4) Course Duration For Studying Medicine in Georgia

The course duration to complete MBBS degree in Georgia is 6 years. 

The academic year for MBBS degree starts from September consisting of two semesters every year. 

5) Cost of Studying/ MBBS Fee Structure in Georgia

The fee structure for studying MBBS in Georgia ranges from US$3300 to US$6000 per year. The living cost in Georgia ranges from US$200 to US$250 per month.

The approximate total cost of MBBS study in Georgia ranges from 30 to 35 lakhs with English as the medium of instruction.

6) Best Medical Colleges/ Universities in Georgia

The following is a list of the best medical colleges to study MBBS in Georgia. They include:

  • New Vision Medical University
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

For Indian students, New Vision Medical University Georgia, which is a private university, and Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, which is Government-owned university, are highly recommended. They are the best universities in Georgia. This owing to the fact that very high quality of medical education is imparted to the students in these two universities. About eighty-five per cent of MBBS graduates from the above two universities is able to clear the MCI screening test successfully. Besides, they are able to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) exam conducted by the MCI of India.  

Here is a list of other MCIs approved medical colleges in Georgia. They are:

  • David Tvildiani Medical University
  • Kutaisi Medical Institute
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University
  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Humanitarian Medical University

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in Georgia for Indian Students

Some of the significant advantages of studying MBBS course in Georgia for Indian students are listed below. They are:

  1. Medical universities in Georgia offers Indian students quality based medical education when compared to that of private medical colleges in India. Here, the primary focus is to provide in-depth practical expertise to the students. Besides, they will have accessibility to the most modern as well as recent medical devices.  In Georgia, the best universities adhere to the quality guidelines framed by UNESCO and the World Health Organization. With this scenario, students studying MBBS from the top universities based in Georgia have guaranteed and successful career in the medical profession. 
  2. It is possible for students pursuing MBBS in Georgia Europe to be eligible to apply for an internship to continue their studies in 47 countries under LISBON Convention.
  3. Students are allowed to perform practically as well as experiments and clinical clerkship commencing from the first semester itself, and it is a great opportunity for them to do such experiments.
  4. Great infrastructure and technology can be seen in hospitals with modern equipment. 
  5. The accommodation in the hostels are of high-quality standards and students are offered good and clean Indian food. Indian students can feel a homely atmosphere during their entire duration of stay.  
  6. It is possible for Indian students to get top MBBS education from the best universities in Georgia at affordable fees.
  7. Georgia is the safest country for Indian students to study MBBS without any problems.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in Georgia

Some of the hardships while studying MBBS in the medical colleges in Georgia include:

  1. The students from India have to pass through various processes of documentation in order to gain access to medical universities in Georgia.
  2. With regard to student visa procurement, the Georgian embassy is not considered to be much professional. Generally, it is not possible to get a student visa within the specified time. Here, one to two months of minimum time is required owing to their highly dishonest nature of work shown to students by the embassy staff. Hence, there is a possibility of delay in issuing visas, causing subsequent loss of years to the student. Besides, this delay may create huge time loss to the career of the student.
  3. There are reputed educational consultants who are experienced in this field and students can take their assistance to complete the admissions till the time of joining the course successfully. For visa procurement, using the help of such consultants who are in direct contact with the ministry can play a positive role. 
  4. It may be observed that the parents of the students do invest a lot of money for giving better future for their children, but it may be possible to anticipate the loss of money and time while following the huge documentation procedure for obtaining the visa.
  5. In this regard, it is imperative to say that the embassy and the University in Georgia do work hand in hand.  Here, the issue starts when the university disqualifies the student by not giving him/her the admission at a particular date. But, at the same time, the embassy may back out or delay in not allowing the student to get his/her visa ready for studying in the country.  Such scenarios have become more stressful and difficult for students to manage situations.  

Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from Georgia

There is an excellent career map for Indian students who complete their MBBS degree in Georgia. Successful MBBS graduates can be assured of one hundred per cent job placement. Owing to overpopulation, various health issues, growth of various diseases and illnesses to its peak, it can be seen that the demand for MBBS professionals is increasing day by day. Hence, this scenario is considered as a global issue.  Students can consider studying medicine in Georgia as a permanent career prospect for future job opportunities.

MBBS degree offered by the Georgian medical universities has recognition by the European Council, MCI, WHO, UNESCO. Therefore, after the completion of their degree in Georgian medical universities, they are eligible to practice in any country after qualifying in the screening test, conducted by that country. Furthermore, major attention is paid to by the medical universities in Georgia with regard to achieving qualities of treatment by a doctor during his/her study time. This includes other qualities like the development of the ability to quickly diagnose a patient and treat him/her with practical expertise, development of sincerity towards responsibility, developing self-confidence and development of good communication and counselling skills to interact with the patient in a polite manner.  

MBBS degree holders from Georgia can open their private clinics. They will be allowed to work as medical professionals, both in private as well as government hospitals. Further, students are exposed to several better career options like working in the medical colleges, nursing homes, health corporations, health societies, medical constituencies, government hospitals or privately-owned health organizations as it is considered to be the best rewarding opportunity for them.

It is possible for students to work in Georgia after completion of MBBS in that country. However, most of the students prefer to go for higher studies as it is very easy for them to get admission in universities like Germany, the US or the UK.

Most of the medical universities in Georgia are recognized by the WHO and MCI of India. Besides, students obtaining MBBS degree from medical universities of Georgia are recognized worldwide. Hence, doctors are eligible to practice the medical profession in any country. 

MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Georgia

  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • “AIETI” Medical School
  • David Tvildiani Medical University
  • Akaki Tsereteli State University
  • David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
  • Ivabe Javakhishvili Tbikisi State University
  • LLC Caucqsus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • European University
  • Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia
  • Kutaisi Medical Institute “Kutaisi”
  • New Vision University, Georgia
  • Tbilisi State Medical University

WHO Approved Medical Colleges in Georgia

  • Emory University
  • Mercer University
  • University of Georgia
  • Medical College of Georgia
  • Augusta University
  • Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Emory University School of Medicine
  • Mercer University School of Medicine

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