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MBBS From Mauritius: Mauritius which is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius is an island-based Nation which is located specifically in the Indian ocean. Here in this article, we are basically going to cover the topic of MBBS in Mauritius for all our Indian fellow medical aspirants who are willing to study in Mauritius.

Mauritius is basically comprised of the two islands which are the Mauritius island and the Rodrigues island and both of the islands have the combined land area of around 2040 square kilometres.

Port Louis is the official capital of the country and is also the largest city on the island. Further, if we talk about the economy of the country, then it has a growing economy and the major part of economy is based on the agricultural sector. However, the other aspects of the economy such as textiles, sugar production and the financial services are in the growth mode as well. 

If we talk about the education system of Mauritius then its education sector is comprised of the pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary system of education. The government of the country has a keen focus upon the education sector of the Nation and therefore it provides the free of cost education from its pre-primary to the tertiary education. 

The medical education from Mauritius is quite a significant option to the aspirants who are living in the African continent and also from the other continents as well.

Although MBBS from Mauritius is not a very popular choice among the Indian medical aspirants since the majority of the aspirants either opt Europe or the Australia continent for their foreign medical education yet if you want to study the medicine from the African continent then Mauritius is always an option for you.

 You can avail the decent standard of medical education from there at very affordable prices and Mauritius being the small island Nation, which will offer you the best possible studies environment to study. The cost of living and the other charges are also very affordable and moreover the medium of the program is English which is compatible with all the Indian students.

MBBS From Mauritius:

1) Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students in Mauritius

Well, there is a certain eligibility criterion which you have to follow if you want to study medicine in Mauritius by securing your admission into the medical colleges of the country.

 Here you can check out the full admission eligibility criteria of the Mauritius medical colleges for your reference.

  • As an Indian medical aspirant, you must have qualified the 10+2 exam from any of the recognised Indian board of education. 
  • Physics, Chemistry and biology are the mandatory subjects of studies and there should be 60% of the passing aggregate in the exam.
  • The minimum age of the candidate is 17 years while the maximum age can be around 30 years.
  • There is no requirement of the IELTS/TOEFL however the candidate must be fluent in the language of English.
  • NEET is mandatory for all the Indian candidates.

2) How To Apply For Medical Courses in Mauritius

Well, the medical colleges in Mauritius have a certain admission process through which they offer the medical admission to the aspirants. 

We are here compiling that process of admission for your easy reference so that you can follow it in the same order.

  • The medical colleges/Universities of Mauritius accept the online admission application from the candidates, therefore, you can make your online admission application to the concerned medical institution.
  • Make sure that you make your application before the application deadline and enclose all the required documents with the application form as may be required.
  • After the submission of the application form, you need to be patient for the response of the University which may take 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Once your admission application is approved by the University then you will get the approval letter for the same.
  • You will be now called upon to fulfil the other admission formalities and submit the application fee to the University.
  • Next, you can make the application for the students Visa which will be issued by the University to you through the Mauritius Embassy in India.
  • Now finally you can fly to Mauritius and take up the regular academic classes.

3) Documents Requirements For Admission in Medical Schools in Mauritius

Well, yes you are certainly going to need some specific documents with you in the course of getting the medical degree from Mauritius and for meeting the admission eligibility criteria. 

These documents prove your admission eligibility to the University/College so that you can be considered for the admission process. 

Here is the list of all those documents which you should keep readily available with you. 

  • Your 10&10+2 academics certificates.
  • Character and transfer certificates.
  • Valid passport.
  • Passport size photos of the candidates.
  • Medical fitness certificate.
  • Admission acceptance letter.
  • Other required documents.

4) Course Duration For Studying Medicine in Mauritius

The medical Universities in Mauritius take up the usual time duration of 5.5 to 6  years to grant the MBBS degree to its students. This duration is comprised of the 5 years of the academic studies and the 1 year of the internship program which is mandatory in nature for all the students. 

The internship program provides the decent exposure of the medical practice to the students in the medical hospitals of the country, where they can check their medical knowledge and the surgery skills on the dead bodies and get better in their respective field of study. 

5) Cost of Studying/ MBBS Fees Structure in Mauritius

MBBS in Mauritius fee structure is the key criteria, which is considered by the majority of the Indian aspirants in the course of their admission into any foreign country. 

Keeping the same criteria we are listing down the MBBS fee structure of the Mauritius medical institutions.

Name of College

Fee Structure of College

Anna Medical College 43,50,000 Full Fee
SSR Medical College  49,00,000 Full Program

Kindly note that the above-mentioned fee structure includes the hostel & Mess fee as well for the specific college.

6) Best Medical Colleges/ Universities in Mauritius

When we move forward to the abroad for the sake of medical education then we all have the priority of getting our medical degree from the best possible medical institutions of such country.

 This is why we are going to suggest some of the best medical Universities/Colleges of Mauritius for your easy reference.

  • SSR Medical College 
  • Anna Medical College
  • Padmashree Dr. DY Patil Medical College 

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in Mauritius for Indian Students

There are some considered advantages of studying MBBS from Mauritius for the Indian students which they should keep in their consideration. 

You can check out these advantages here below.

  • All the medical colleges in Mauritius are approved by the Medical Council of India.
  • The course curriculum of the Mauritius medical colleges matches very closely to the Indian standard of education.
  • There is no entrance exam in Mauritius for the Indian students, therefore, they can seek direct admission there.
  • There is no donation money concept as well for the MBBS admission in Mauritius.
  • The medical degree from Mauritius has global recognition just like any other developed countries medical degree.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in Mauritius

Yes, there are some specific disadvantages or the cons of studying MBBS in Mauritius and we are specifying those disadvantages here for your consideration. 

  • The major disadvantage is of the limitation of the medical institutions as there are very handful numbers of medical colleges in the country for medical education.
  • Secondly, the medical colleges of Mauritius don’t have that advanced or the modern medical infrastructure to the students which may cause you to compromise with the excellence of your medical education.
  • There are not many facilities available for the foreign medical students in Mauritius even the internship program is not at par.

Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from Mauritius

Well, if you want to get the best possible standard of medical education from the African continent then Mauritius will always count its name in the list. The country is known as the best holiday destination in India but the medical degree from Mauritius has the same relevance, as it is duly recognised by the Medical Council of India and across the globe. 

You are going to get the full value of your medical degree in India if you are getting it even from the small island Nation as Mauritius as the degree can land you placed into the top medical institutions of India. 

Moreover, you can also consider starting your medical practice in India after qualifying the MCI screening exam on the basis of MBBS degree from Mauritius.

MCI Approved Medical College in Mauritius

  • University of Mauritius
  • University of Technology

Frequently Asked Questions- MBBS in Mauritius

Here we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about MBBS in Mauritius for the Indian medical aspirants and therefore you are urged to go through all FAQ’S for your reference.

1. What is the total cost of MBBS in Mauritius?

The average total cost of tuition for MBBS in Mauritius is going to be around 43 Lacs for the full 5.5 years and the cost of living or the other charges will be charged separately.

2. How to take MBBS admission in Mauritius for the Indian students?

We urge you to visit the above section of the article where you can find out the complete MBBS admission process in Mauritius medical colleges.

3. Can We Apply for the Work Permit after completion of MBBS in Mauritius?

Yes, as soon as you finish your MBBS program from Mauritius then you can apply for the work permit to work as the medical professional in Mauritius or in India as well.

4. What is the List of MCI Approved Medical College in Mauritius?

Here is the list of MCI approved medical colleges in Mauritius.

  • Anna Medical College 
  • SSR Medical College 

5. What Will be the Average Monthly Expenses in Mauritius except for MBBS Fee?

In general, Mauritius is considered to be 2.7 times expensive than India, therefore you can accordingly analyse your monthly cost of living and other expenses in accordance with your standard of living.

6. Is the Mauritius Medical Degree Acceptable in India?

Yes, the medical degree from Mauritius is fully regarded in the Indian medical institutions.

7. Is Entrance Exam Required to Study Medicine in Mauritius?

No, there is no as such entrance exam requirement to study medicine in Mauritius and you can seek the direct admission there.

8. When Does the Academic Year of Mauritius Medical Universities Start?

The first batch of the Mauritius medical colleges start from the month of March and second from the month of September.

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