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Study MBBS From Singapore: Singapore or the Republic of Singapore is a Southeast Asian continent Island-based city-state, which has its own identity as the country. The country of Singapore is basically comprised of one main island and some other islets and being the city-state itself Singapore is the capital of its own. 

There are several languages spoken in Singapore such as English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin etc and the country has a solid market economy with a significant rate of growth. The major population of the country is urbanized with the high standard of living which makes the country as one of the most expensive countries of the world to live in.

Singapore is known to be as having the most dynamic economy in the world, which focuses upon its key components such as the educational and the business market economy. 

There are the world-class educational institutions in the country from where students undertake their professional and the academic programs, such as in the medical domains etc. 

MBBS from Singapore is always an option for the Indian medical aspirants who want to study medicine from their Asian continental Nation. Singapore being the neighbourhood Nation offers the MBBS admission to all the Indian students and there are many international students who are already studying the medicine in Singapore’s medical colleges.

In this article, we are going to compile all the necessary information about the MBBS in Singapore for the Indian students such as the admission process, fee structure etc of the Singapore medical Universities. 

We urge you to check out the entire article in order to get access to all the appropriate information so that you can take your final call regarding your admission in the country’s medical institutions.

MBBS From Singapore

1) Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students in Singapore

Well, if you have the vision to study medicine in Singapore then you must meet out the admission eligibility criteria of its medical institutions, in order to prove your eligibility to the concerned medical University/College of the country. 

You can here check out the full admission eligibility criteria for your consideration.

  • Indian students must have qualified the 10+2 minimum qualification education in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects to be eligible for the admission process.
  • Candidate should have a minimum of 85% passing marks aggregate in the 10+2 to have better chances of getting shortlisted for the admission purpose.
  • NEET is mandatory for all Indian students.
  • IELTS/TOEFL is the other exams to check the language proficiency of the candidates.
  • MCAT/GAMSAT is also the required mandatory exams for medical admission in Singapore’s medical institutions.

2) List of MCI Approved Colleges in Singapore

As an Indian student it is mandatory for you to seek your MBBA admission into those medical Institutions of Singapore which are approved by the Medical Council of India. Having studied the medical education from the MCI approved medical colleges of Singapore will enable you to have the full value of your medical degree in India, so that you can start your medical profession or the practice in the country. 

  • Duke NUS Medical School 
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine 
  • Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 

3) How To Apply For Medical Courses in Singapore

All the MBBS aspirants are supposed to follow a particular Singapore MBBS process of admission in order to seek their admission in the medical Universities of Singapore. 

The admission process is applicable for all the aspirants in a uniform manner and you can check out the step by step process of admission.

  • Candidates need to make their online admission application by visiting the website of the concerned medical college/University of Singapore.
  • Fill the form carefully and then submit all your educational qualifications and the other documents such as the MCAT/GAMSAT scores in order to provide all the qualifications certificates to the University.
  • Next you just need to be patient while your admission application is processed and the University responds. 
  • Now once you receive your admission approval letter from the University then you are all set to fulfil the other admission formalities such as paying your admission fee and applying for the Student Visa.
  • Once you get your student Visa then you can just fly to Singapore to attend your regular medical classes. 

4) Documents Requirement For Admission in Medical Schools in Singapore

There are some typical documents which you must keep with you in the course of the admission process and getting your medical degree from Singapore. These documents must be readily available with you so that the admission process can be executed in a good manner.

 Here below is the list of all such documents for your reference.

  • Academic documents of the candidates for the 10&10+2 educational qualifications. 
  • NEET certificate is mandatory for all the Indian students.
  • Scores of GAMSAT/MCAT are also required. 
  • Transfer and the Character certificates
  • A valid passport of the candidates. 
  • Admission invitation letter from the specific medical University of Singapore.
  • Medical fitness certificates of the candidates and the HIV report. 
    Other required documents.

5) Course Duration For Studying Medicine in Singapore

The MBBS in Singapore’s medical institutions has a duration of 5 years which is one year lesser than the typical standard duration of MBBS from the other countries. It includes 1 year compulsory period of an internship program in which the students are provided the exposure of practical medical scenarios to check their knowledge of medicine on the dead bodies of the patients in the medical hospitals of the country. 

The entire duration of medical program has been divided in a systematic manner so that the students can get the best blend of medical academics and the period of internship to enhance the knowledge and practical medical skills to make the medical professionals of tomorrow.

6) Cost of Studying/ MBBS Fee Structure in Singapore

MBBS fee structure in Singapore’s medical institutions is the key point of consideration for all those medical aspirants, who want to study in the medical Universities/Colleges of Singapore. 

We understand that the fee structure is the important aspect of MBBS program and therefore we are listing down the fee structure of the various medical institutions of Singapore’s medical institutions so that the aspirants can accordingly make their budget for the admission.

Name of Medical University/College Fee Structure of College/University
Nanyang Technological University  34,14,534 Per Year Tuition Fee
Johns Hopkins International Medical Centre  19,00,987 Per Annum Tuition Fee
National Skin Centre 32,47,000 Per Annum Tuition Fee
SGH Postgraduate Medical Institute 12,00,000 Per Annum Tuition Fee 
Duke Nus Graduate Medical School 28,00,000 Per Annum Tuition Fee
Academy of Medicine Singapore 27,00,000 Per Annum Tuition Fee

7) Best Medical Colleges/ Universities in Singapore

Here we are listing down some of the best medical colleges of Singapore in which you can surely seek your medical admission.

  • Lee Kong Chain School of Medicine 
  • SGH Postgraduate Medical College 
  • Duke NUS Medical College 
  • Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 
  • Ascend Education Centre Pvt. Limited 

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in Singapore for Indian Students 

Well, although the medical colleges/Universities of Singapore are known as one of the most expensive medical institutions in the world yet there are some certain advantages or the benefits, which you will get in the course of studying MBBS from Singapore. 

Here we are listing down some specific advantages for your reference. 

  • All Singapore’s medical colleges have the world-class standard of medical education along with the modern medical infrastructure to impart the futuristic medical education to the students.
  • The medical degree from Singapore’s medical institutions is recognised all around the world by the major medical bodies such as WHO, GMC, MCI etc.
  • There is no donation money requirement in the medical admission of Singapore’s medical colleges.
  • The duration of MBBS program in Singapore is 5 years which saves 1 straight year of the medical aspirants.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in Singapore 

Well, yes there are some certain disadvantages as well of studying MBBS in Singapore due to which there are very limited numbers of the medical aspirants from India who opt to study MBBS in Singapore. 

You can check out the major disadvantages here below in this section.

  • The first major disadvantage is the admission eligibility criteria of the medical institutions in Singapore which have very strict and high eligibility criteria due to which only a few limited students get into the medical colleges of the country.
  • MBBS fee structure in Singapore’s medical institutions is very expensive in the comparison of many other country’s medical colleges and this is why the students opt the other countries for their medical education.
  • There are very limited numbers of the medical institutions in Singapore and therefore the aspirants don’t have many options to choose the medical institution.

Visa Application Procedure for Indian Students in Singapore’s Medical Institutions

Well, you don’t need to concern much yourself regarding having your student Visa from Singapore, as the medical colleges of the country handle much of the procedure themselves. 

Here is the step by step simplified student Visa process for the Indian students, so that they can follow it in the same order. 

  • As a student first you have to get your admission approval letter from the concerned medical college of Singapore and then make your application for the Visa.
  • After that, the concerned medical college will file the Singapore student pass Visa approval request to the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority on the behalf of concerned student.
  • Now, this process will take a few more days before you finally get your student Visa.
  • You will have to collect your Visa from the Singapore embassy in India after receiving the notification regarding the same from the medical college.
  • Having your student Visa with yourself then you will be able to move to Singapore for your academic classes.

Scholarship for Indian Students in Singapore’s Medical Colleges

Well, it’s a well-known fact that seeking admission into Singapore’s medical colleges is not an easy task for the Indian students due to the tough admission policy and the eligibility criteria.

 As per the record, there are hardly 1% Indian students who are found to be studying medicine in Singapore for an academic year. 

There are not as such solid scholarship program for the Indians in Singapore,however, you may still be able to find some appropriate scholarship program for yourself in any medical college of the country. 

We urge you to have the suitable can from your study counsellor that whether there is any scholarship program yourself in the country or not so that you can accordingly make your application for availing the scholarship program.

Singapore’s Medical Degree Recognition 

Well, in the Indian context the economy of Singapore has always been so fascinated that the majority of the Indian even want to settle there after your medical education, yet you get the global recognition of your medical MBBS degree from Singapore. 

The medical degree from Singapore is well recognised across the world as the standard of medical education of country is approved by the WHO, MCI and all other prominent medical bodies of the world.

 As an Indian candidate, you can work as the medical profession both in India/Singapore or anywhere in the world,however the MCI screening test is mandatory in case you want to start your medical practice in India.

Job Opportunities in India after MBBS from Singapore 

Well, if we talk about the scope of a medical degree from the abroad Nation then it is always equally regarded just like getting the medical degree from the European countries, as there are very least numbers of the Indian candidates who actually get their medical degree from Singapore. 

The medical degree from Singapore is highly regarded and approved by the Medical Council of India, therefore, the degree holds significant recognition in the medical hospitals of India.

Depending upon the area of your professional expertise you will be having the higher chances of being appointed in the private medical institutions of the country such as Appolo, AIIMS etc. You can also start your medical practice in India after getting a medical degree from Singapore. However, the MCI screening test is compulsory to be qualified in such a scenario.

WHO Approved Medical Universities in Singapore

  • Academic Medicine Education Institute.
  • Academic Medicine Research Institute.
  • Health Services Research Institute.
  • Infectious Diseases Research Institute.
  • Institute for Patient Safety & Quality.
  • Institute of Precision Medicine.
  • Joint Centre for Technology and Development.
  • National Cancer Research Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is the Total cost of MBBS in Singapore?

The average tuition cost of MBBS in Singapore is around 23,60,000 on per annum basis which doesn’t include the cost of living and other charges.

2. How to Take MBBS Admission in Singapore for Indian Students?

We have already compiled the full MBBS admission process of Singapore’s medical institutions in the above section of the article, therefore, you can check out the same in the section above.

3. Can We Apply for the Work Permit after completion of MBBS in Singapore? 

Yes, you are free to apply for your work permit after the completion of your MBBS program in Singapore.

4. What Will be the Average Monthly Expenses in Singapore Except MBBS Fee

The cost of living in Singapore for the students may vary from S$ 200-S$ 700 depending upon the lifestyle you choose and the facilities you add up in your standard of living, however, if you opt living out in the city then the cost may go very high.

5. Is the Singapore Medical Degree is Acceptable in India?

Yes, all the medical degree from Singapore is fully valid in India.

6. Is Singapore Language Necessary to Learn for MBBS in Singapore? 

No, you don’t have to learn any local language of Singapore as the medium of MBBS program is in English, however for the better communication, you can opt to learn the language.

7. Is Entrance Exam Required to Study Medicine in Singapore?

There are the exams such as the GAMSAT/MCAT and the language proficiency test to undertake the MBBS in Singapore.

8. When Does the Academic Year of Singapore Medical University Start?

The academic year of Singapore Medical Universities starts after the completion of the admission window which is September onwards.

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