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Study MBBS in USA for Indian Students Admission, Fee Structure

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Study MBBS in USA: United States or the US is the North American continent nation which is comprised of the total 50 states. The United States is considered to be one of the most powerful nation in the world which has the world’s 3rd largest population scale and the fourth largest area in the world.

Washington DC is the official capital of the country and New York City is the most populated city which is also known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. The country came into the emergence after world war 1 as the most powerful nation in the whole world to have unique power such as nuclear weapons.

Today the country is counted on the top place among the most developed nations in the world. The economy of the United States is very massive, where you can witness the world-class infrastructure in all the respects be it the educational sector, healthcare sector or any other sector of the country.

Study MBBS in the United States

United States has always been the dream destination for the Indians and for the other aspirants all around the world, in the context of medical and the other academics/professional education.MBBS in the United States is something which has always been the wild dream of the Indian medical aspirants who wish to study medical education from the abroad Nation

So if you are someone who is looking forward to undertake the medical (MBBS) education from United States then here in this article we are going to guide you for the same by providing you with the complete guide for the same, which will provide you with all the important aspects such as the admission eligibility criteria, fee structure etc.

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1) Eligibility Criteria For Indian Students in US

The medical Universities in USA grant the medical admission to the Indian students on the basis of specific eligibility criteria, which is mandatory in nature. The candidates who satisfy or meet out the eligibility criteria become able to seek admission into the country.
You can here check out the complete admission eligibility criteria of US medical institutions.

  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years of the age group.
  • You must be 10+2 qualified from the well-recognised board of education from India.
  • The mandatory subjects of the 10+2 program are Physics, Chemistry, Biology with the minimum passing percentage of 60% as an aggregate in the exam.
  • MCAT is mandatory to seek medical education from the United States.
  • There is no requirement of the IELTS/TOEFL exams in order to study medicine in the USA.
  • NEET is mandatory for all the Indian medical aspirants.

2) How To Apply For Medical Courses in US

Well, if you want to earn your medical degree from the USA and are seeking the admission process for the same, then here you can check out the same process of admission for your consideration in the easy step by step methods.

  • The medical colleges of the US accept the medical application from the students in an online manner at the official website of the college.
  • You need to make your admission application by visiting the official website of the college within the admission window.
  • Make sure that you have all the admission eligibility requirements satisfied with yourself such as the MCAT certificates along with other academics qualifications. Now you just need to be little patient while you receive the admission application approval letter from the medical college of USA.
  • Once you receive the admission approval letter from the medical college then you will be all set to submit your application fee and apply for the student Visa.
  • It will take few days time duration before you receive your student Visa and once you receive the Visa then you will be all set to move to US for your regular educational classes.
  • It is advisable to all the candidates that getting the Visa in US is a very complicated and the lengthy process, which goes through several chains. You must make your student Visa application as soon as you get the admission approval letter and the application must be made at least 120 days before the opening of regular classes.

3) Documents Requirements in US, For Admission in Medical Schools/Colleges/Universities

There are some certain documents which are necessary in order to study medical course in United States and to complete the admission process as well.
Here you can check out the list of all such documents for your reference.

The academics document of the student for the class 10+2 exam.

  • Character and the transfer certificates.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • MCAT certificates.
  • NEET qualification certificate along with the clearance letter from MCI.
  • Passport size photos.
  • A valid passport and the students Visa.
  • Admission application approval letter from the specific college.
  • Other required documents.

4) Course Duration of MBBS in the United States

The duration of medical courses such as the MBBS in the United States is four years which is 1 year less than the usual duration of the program. After the completion of the course, there is the student residence which may last from 3-7 years.

In the student residency program, the students are kept into the supervision for their respective area of interest and the duration of the MBBS program has been divided in such a manner that the students can get the enough academic and the internship exposure.
The medical education system of the United States is quite different than the other countries which make the country as the unique Nation setting the benchmark for medical education.

5) In USA, Cost of Studying/ MBBS Fees Structure

The MBBS fee in United States is something which always becomes the matter of consideration among the Indian students since the country is quite costly both in the term of tuition fee and the cost of living as well.
Here we are listing down the MBBS fee structure of medical colleges/Universities in the United States

Name of Medical University/College Fee Structure of Medical University/College
Central America Health Science Medical University Tuition Fee-$50,000 Complete Fee

Cost of Living/Hostel Expenses- $700-$1000 Per Month

Columbus Central University School of Medicine Tuition Fee-$55,900 Complete Fee

Hostel &Other Charges-$700-$1000 Per Month

Washington University of Health & Science Tuition Fee- $86,000 Complete Fee

Hostel&Other Charges-$700-$1000 Per Month

Spartan Health Science University Tuition Fee- $1,16,000 Complete Fee

Hostel & Other Charges- $700-$1000 Per Month

American University of Barbados Tuition Fee-$133,500 Complete

Hostel & Other Charges-$500-$800 Per Month

Trinity School of Medicine Tuition Fee-$161,000 Complete Fee

Hostel & Other Charges- $500-$700 Per Month

6) Best Medical Colleges/ Universities For Indian Students in US

If you want to study MBBS from the best medical universities in the United States then here you can check out the list of some widely recognised medical institutions of the country.

  • University of California, Medical School of San Diego
  • Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
  • Albany Medical College, Albany
  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York
  • Boston University School of Medicine, Boston

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in the United States for Indian Students

Well, here in this section you can check out some specific advantages of studying MBBS from the United States, which will provide you with an insight that why you should consider your medical education from there.

  • There is no donation money required to study MBBS in the United States.
  • The language proficiency exams such as IELTS/TOEFL are also not required in the United States for admission into the majority of the colleges.
  • The medical degree from the United States is highly rewarded and recognised across the globe.
  • The standard of education and medical infrastructure is always top-notch in the United States.
  • The duration of the medical courses in the United States is lesser than the other countries.
  • The country has a multicultural society and the lavish standard of living with tons of opportunities.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS Course in the United States

Well, there are although not many significant disadvantages of studying MBBS in the United States, yet there are some which must be considered by the Indian medical aspirants.
Here below you can check out the major among them for your reference.

  • The United States is although the developed Nation yet the incident of racism are still reported by the international students.
  • The weather conditions in the country are quite different than India which may be the challenge for some Indian students.
  • The cost of tuition and cost of living are very high in the United States in the comparison of many other European developed countries such as Germany, Russia, Poland, Norway etc.
  • The medical exposure for the Indian students may be limited since there are some diseases in India which are not found in the United States such as Dengue.
  • The distance of the United States is quite high therefore the cost of travelling is way more for the Indians.

Visa Application Procedure for Indian Students in the United States

Well, getting the US Visa follows one of the hardest Visa application processes in the world, since the country has a very strict Visa application process.
Here we are simplifying the Visa application process for the reference of Indian students.

  • You can apply for the US visa only in two situations when you are either the student or own the house property in the country.
  • As a student, you must have the goal of coming back to India after the completion of your medical education.
  • Make your student Visa application as a student only after receiving the admission approval letter from the medical college of the United States.
  • The medical college will transfer the Visa application to the immigration authority of the United States and upon the verification of all the documents, the Visa will be issued to the student.
  • As a student, you can either avail your student Visa as the arrival Visa in US or you can collect it from the US embassy in India.
  • Once you have the student Visa then you can stay in the United States as the student for the specific period of time.

Scholarship for Indian MBBS Students in United States

If you are having the financial crunch then you can avail the medical scholarship in the United States to overcome your financial burden. The country offers the graduate medical scholarship to the students specifically for the research purposes.

The scholarship programs are available in the majority of the medical Universities in United States and you can accordingly avail the scholarship program from the such medical institution. We urge you to visit the official website of the US medical Universities or the ministry of education, in order to have the complete information over the scholarship program of the country.

Job Opportunities/Medical Degree Recognition in India after MBBS from the United States

In the very honest words, United States is like a Mecca for the International student when it comes to availing the medical and the other education from the country. There are many reasons behind that, for instance, the medical degree from the US is globally recognised and you will have global opportunities in the medical domain after getting the MBBS degree from the United States.

In the Indian context as well the medical degree is highly rewarded across all the medical institutions of India be it the private medical institutions or the government medical institutions.
You will get the decent placement opportunities in all the major private medical colleges of the country and moreover you can also start your medical practice in India on the basis of your medical degree from US.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges/Universities in USA

  • American board of Internal Medicine
  • American board of Family Medicine
  • American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, USA
  • American Board of Emergency Medicine
  • American Board of Thoracic Surgery
  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • American University of Caribbean, School of Medicine
  • Harvard University, Boston
  • Emory University, Atlanta
  • New York University
  • State University of New York, Brooklyn
  • NorthWestern University, East Chicago
  • Temple University, School of Medicine, Philadelphia
  • The Johns Hopkins University
  • The University of North Carolina
  • University of California
  • The University of the State of New York
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Minnesota
  • Washington University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre
  • Wayne State University Detroit, MI

WHO Approved Medical Schools/Universities/Colleges in USA

  • Harvard University
  • New York Medical College
  • Washington University
  • Temple University, School of Medicine
  • University of California
  • Emory University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • American university of saint vincent
  • Mayo medical school
  • Northwestern University
  • State university of New york
  • University of minnesota
  • Wayne State University

1. What is the Total Cost of MBBS in the United States?

The average cost of MBBS in the United States for the tuition classes is going to be around $15000 Per Year, which may go high depending upon the medical institution that you opt for the admission purpose.

2. How to Take MBBS Admission in the United States for Indian Students?
Well, we have already discussed that step by step admission procedure for the MBBS admission in the above section of the article, which can be easily followed up by the Indian students from there.

3. What is the List of MCI Approved Medical College in the United States?
Well, here the Indian candidates can check out the list of MCI approved medical colleges in the United States.

  • New York Medical College
  • Harvard University
  • Temple University School of Medicine
  • Washington University
  • Emory University
  • University of California
  • Northwestern University
  • Wayne University

4. What Will be the Average Monthly Expenses in the United States Except for MBBS Fee?

The average cost of living in the United States is approximately $300 per month which may vary as per the lifestyle chose by the candidates.

5. Is the United States Medical Degree Acceptable in India?
Yes, a medical degree from the United States is fully recognised in India.

6. Is Entrance Exam Required to Study Medicine in the United States?
MCAT is the only requirement as an entrance gateway to study medicine in the United States.

7. When Does the Academic Year of United States Medical Universities Start?
The majority of the American Medical Universities end the admission application window by September 1st of each year. Therefore, the academic year of the Universities starts September onwards.


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